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Wedding Officiant

Gregory Hines

Gregory Hines has had a unique background as a backup dancer for Missy Elliot, Rapper Eve, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, B4-4, Shawn Desmond and Maestro FreshWes just to name a few. Being in the wedding industry for more than 10 years, Gregory Hines knows what it takes to officiate. His career in the wedding industry began as a MC/Stand up comedian, Gregory is able to entertain his crowd with humor and have the guest engaged every step of the way. Bringing the same energy, engagement, laughter, and fun to the ceremonies he officiates.
Being certified gives him the experience, valuable knowledge on ceremonies, and patience in unique dynamics that each family brings to their special day. Gregory’s clients find him approachable, as he fits into any atmosphere whether conservative, new age, social specializing in religious and non-religious ceremonies.

Couples describe him as humorous, loads of fun, personable, and a pleasant individual. Gregory finds joy, passion, and honor to have the ability to join two people in love and be a part of the next chapter of their journey together.

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