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Wedding Officiant

Hollie Leong (Quadrilingual)

With over 12 years of experience as a Professional Master of Ceremonies and Celebrant for weddings, corporate, commercial, and private functions, Hollie has extensive knowledge in the industry inside and out. She understands most couples have butterflies in their stomach when being put in the spotlight on one of the most significant days in their lives – a wedding. Hollie simply has the magic power to put her clients at ease with her professional and accommodative approach.
Hollie believes in adding value to her clients and she will never hesitate to story you all her past wedding experiences and some words of wisdom about planning a wedding ceremony or reception. She always ensures the marriage ceremony is personalized to reflect the couple’s love, journey, and vision they hold in their marriage.Hollie is fluent in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Bahasa. Whether you are looking for a traditional and formal or modern and light-hearted vibe for your big day, you can rest assured that Hollie’s versatility and engaging personality will make your dream wedding come true.

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