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Wedding Officiant

Jim Walterhouse

“Making a difference in the lives of others”, is my passion” Upon meeting Jim, you feel an instant connection, comfortable and confident that you have found your Wedding Officiant. You may not remember exactly what were his first words spoken, but you will remember how he makes you feel. Jim is emotionally intelligent, authentic and empathetic which allows his clients to feel seen and heard. His natural facilitation skills allow him to create an open, collaborative and relaxed dialogue with his clients. His communication style is both heartfelt and soothing and his humour and wit is tasteful and infectious. His natural curiosity, sensitivity and empathy enable him to bring the best out in others, and to capture the essence of what you want your ceremony to convey. Jim, a loving husband and father of 4, understands what is required to make you feel seen and understood and looks forward to nurturing, guiding and expressing your personal dreams and values through his welcoming and magnetic communication style. With his extensive experience in public speaking, Jim is well respected and in demand. His clients, friends and family have come to appreciate his integrity, leadership and grace. His natural curiosity, reliability and ease, brings out the best in others. This is an important gift to give to yourself and your loved ones, as you think about setting a relaxed and inviting atmosphere on your wedding day. His humour, wit and warmth resonate with people and draws them in to listen intently. He is inclusive and above all else, sincere in his desire to share your special relationship story and values with your guests. Whether it is your wedding party, your family, or the guests seated at the back of the room, be assured Jim will find a way to connect, and make everyone feel a part of the proceedings.

Jim is the ultimate Renaissance Man who brings a level of excellence to everything he does. Organized, unflappable, flexible, and attentive to the needs of others. These strengths enable Jim to recognize the ‘little things’ that often go unnoticed by others. Whether applying those skills to his vocation as a pilot and building his own airplane, or as he gently guides you through your special day, you will feel better having Jim by your side.   To echo the sentiments of many of Jim’s clients: “I couldn’t imagine selecting anyone else for such an important role in my wedding, and I wish others the same feeling of certainty as they embark on their own journey of selecting their Wedding Officiant.”

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