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Wedding Officiant

Wayde Salmon

Wayde Salmon, WPICC

What makes me different than the others? I’ve been in the wedding industry for over 10-years now, and still going strong. On top of this, I received my certificate in wedding planning, not because I want to plan weddings, but to understand your needs more intimately so I can offer full and complete services to you. Those who love what they do, invest in understanding it better.

I’m also certified in premarital preparation, group meditation, personal counselling, and hostage negotiation (yes, it’s true). That last one mostly applies for when in-laws take over weddings.

I’ve had the pleasure of performing over 500 weddings and each of them is unique for their own experience and connection. My catalogue of clients has ranged from professional sports athletes, singers, musicians, actors, and other notable stars and dignitaries.

It’s been amazing getting to know so many people, perform so many weddings, and learn so much about different cultures and ethnicities. I look forward to learning more, connecting me, and helping more people become the best version of themselves before and after the wedding.

Do I do anything else? As a true Jamaican, I do have multiple jobs :-). I’m a master crochet artist, specializing in heart-shaped mouse pads. Ok fine, they’re not heart-shaped, nor mousepads, nor do they exist… lol. However, I own a travel agency and I’m a travel agent, a darn good one too.
Costs (this is where it gets uncomfortable)

I hope I was able to share some insight into me, what I do, and why.

Looking forward to working with you.

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